Why use a Specialist Pharmacy Broker?

The business of selling pharmacies

As a specialised health provider within the business community, the pharmacy owner requires a broker  with the experience and unique skillset to successfully appraise, market and sell their pharmacy business for the best price;

  • in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry
  • understanding of historical information and current trends
  • local knowledge of WA market conditions and current industry information
  • expertise in local and national legislative requirements
  • strong relationships with key industry providers and suppliers
  • substantial background in pharmacy operations and industry metrics
  • an extensive national database of qualified buyers and access to national groups

Why use a pharmacy broker?

When a pharmacy is being sold by a professional broker it is very clear the broker is acting on behalf of the Seller. With this approach the best conditions for the sale can be negotiated for the pharmacy owner;

  • all matters are private and confidential
  • the authority to sell explains and includes all the relevant details of the Agency
  • a truly independent marketing environment can be established
  • no formal or informal arrangements exist with any industry provider
  • all buyers are qualified by their ability to purchase
  • the path to settlement is a managed process
  • tried and tested contractual documentation is provided by the broker approved by the Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB)

Buyer advocacy program

Buyers may also consider a specialised program whereby their specified requirements and a buyer agency, lead to a targeted sale.

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