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HBF Announcement – Changes ahead !!!


Great to learn today that the Health Insurance Funds HBF in WA  which has approx. 45% market share in WA issued letters to all their Preferred Providers on 25/9/18 terminating their contracts – HBF has decided to cancel the scheme.

They will soon announce a new Preventative Care package  at a set fee that will be open to all dental practices.

The CEO of ADA _WA  David Hallett deserves full credit for this breakthrough as he has worked on the initiative for well over 12 months and finally convinced HBF to assess the pro’s and con’s and reach the conclusion that the scheme never achieved it main goals and that there are better options.

This will take effect 1/1/2019 as many practices have a 3 month termination Clause.

Great to see  and here’s hoping other Health Funds will follow.

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